The misunderstood power of QR codes

QR Codes mobile payments

QR codes can be a powerful marketing tool When it comes to marketing, QR codes sometimes receive a great deal of criticism. The tech-savvy have been slow to warm to QR codes because of their simplistic nature and relatively low flexibility when compared to other technologies, like NFC and augmented reality. Consumers often consider the codes to be garish and unappealing as well, and others simply do not know what the codes are for and avoid them. The criticism that QR codes attract has not dissuaded marketers from making use…

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QR codes campaign is now underway for Newcastle Brown Ale

qr codes beer tap

The mobile marketing effort is based on making a mockery of common consumer stereotypes. Newcastle Brown Ale is starting a new campaign using mobile video and QR codes to help attract the eye of consumers as they mock common stereotypes that many people currently hold about beer that is crafted by hand. The playful mobile marketing campaign is used to be both amusing and informative. For instance, one of the common beliefs is that this type of beer is hard to find and that it is available only at a…

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QR codes implemented in unique way by Barneys New York

storefront display window QR codes

The clever smartphone barcodes can be found in the display windows of the Ginza location in Tokyo. The Barneys New York store location in Tokyo’s world renowned luxury shopping district called Ginza, has been running a holiday season store display that uses QR codes in a highly unique new way. The design was created by Simon Doonan, a display expert who has been with the company for 25 years. What Doonan managed to do over this season was to develop a display that would incorporate the QR codes through a…

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QR codes experience a significant boost in social media marketing

QR code social media

As smartphones continue their penetration, quick response barcodes are paying a growing role. As smartphones and apps keep up their exceptionally rapid growth, QR codes have started to take on an important role in social media marketing that is only just now being recognized. Consumers are scanning these barcodes on an increasing basis due to their ease of use. Companies and brands of all shapes and sizes are beginning to make this discovery and are now including QR codes as a part of their overall campaigns. Among them is the…

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QR codes make mobile coupons more appealing

Mobile Coupons with QR Codes

These barcodes make discount opportunities very attractive to consumers. Marketers are being inundated with different ways to drive sales using mobile marketing, but it’s QR codes that are taking the cake in terms of opportunities for consumers to save using digital or sometimes referred to as mobile coupons. They are also very popular for other shopping opportunities. QR codes are also gaining momentum as a method for paying for certain purchases, such as parking, and for reading newspapers and newsletters. Overall, they have now been successfully driving sales both in-store…

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