QR codes are helping auto dealers to boost transparency

QR Codes auto dealership

QR Codes auto dealershipDealerships are beginning to use the barcodes to help to appeal to consumers seeking further information.

Auto dealers are the latest to observe the potential that is offered by the number of consumers who are carrying smartphones, and how QR codes can appeal to those individuals by providing a larger amount of information about the vehicles being sold.

This can help to improve transparency, which is vitally important in the current auto sales ecosystem.

By using QR codes, dealers can offer more information about a vehicle’s features, options, price, colors and other models that may appeal. Among used auto dealers, additional data can be shared regarding the known history of the vehicle.

The QR codes link to web pages that are specific to the vehicle so that the consumer can easily learn more.

Moreover, QR codes are even helping dealers off the lot, as they can provide shoppers with opportunities to locate the nearest dealership location, or provide click to call buttons so that they can easily contact a sales representative.

Many dealerships, according to Automotive News, have discovered that QR codes are among the most cost effective opportunities to take some of the first steps into the mobile commerce and marketing environment. These barcodes are placed on printed advertising materials, billboards, and even on the vehicles, themselves.

The QR codes that are affixed to the vehicles can give shoppers the chance to inform themselves regarding the various models that are available as they browse the lot, even if a dealership is closed, and before a salesperson can arrive to greet the individual. This type of additional information allows consumers to discover more of what they want to know, and can even encourage them to stay on the lot for a longer period of time – giving a salesperson a better chance to greet them, if they have not already – and can help them to become more familiar and comfortable with what is available and what to expect.

As QR codes are becoming increasingly familiar to consumers, among whom there are a growing number of smartphone owners, this is proving to be a simple option with a great deal of potential in this sector.

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