SIX QR codes will replace inpayment slips by 2018

SIX qr codes

The quick response codes have been approved by the board of directors for two years from now. The SIX Interbank Clearing Ltd board of directors gave its approval for SIX QR codes to be used instead of inpayment slips. The intention is to have all the paper slip barcodes replaced by the quick response codes by mid 2018. The QR code was already going to be used by the company but this will greatly broaden its use. The purpose is to keep up with the market needs, the progress of…

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QR codes may store human data for 1 million years and beyond

QR Code Virtual storage

QR codes may be the best way to record human history QR codes are often considered simple marketing tools and are quite effective in advertising around the world. The codes typically go unnoticed by consumers that are not specifically interested in using them, but they could have a major role to play in the longevity of humanity. Scientists from the Human Document Project believe that QR codes could be used to store information concerning the history of human civilization. More importantly, scientists believe that the codes can store this information…

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QR codes disappoint Westland Peppers in the Netherlands

qr codes on fruit produce

The low response that they achieved from their barcode campaign for consumers let them down. Fresh produce companies have been rapidly implementing campaigns where they use QR codes on their marketing and directly on their product packages and stickers, to encourage consumers to learn more about where their food comes from, how it can be used, stored, and prepared, and why it is a part of a nutritious diet. However, while other companies have enjoyed positive results, Westland Peppers does not consider themselves among them. The company, located in Holland…

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QR codes on label fronts more appealing to marketers than shoppers

QR codes vitamins bottle label example

According to the findings from Doctor’s Best, it is retailers who find the barcodes most attractive. The latest data from the first sixth months of use of the QR codes on the front of the product labels has brought Doctor’s Best – a supplement manufacturer – to the conclusion that retailers find this style of mobile marketing to be more appealing than consumers. This was what they found, despite the fact that the barcodes were geared toward shoppers. Though the QR codes were meant to be used by smartphone carrying…

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QR codes are being scanned on an increasing basis

Scanlife QR codes

Scanbuy has just released its latest Mobile Trend Report that showed that the barcode use is up. The latest quarterly trend report from Scanbuy has just been released and has revealed that in the second quarter of this year, alone, it had processed more than 21 million QR code and UPC mobile barcode scans out of the estimated global total of 105 million that occurred during that time period. The company releases its trend report every quarter to provide insight on the latest in scanning. What the Q2 2013 Mobile…

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