QR codes at Japan’s Kansai Airport offer multilingual information

qr codes trends

These quick response codes give tourists the chance to gain info in any of nine different languages. A new move at the Kansai International Airport, using QR codes, has made it possible for travelers from overseas to be able to obtain the information that they need through the use of their smartphones and tablets. An easy scan of the quick response codes will now offer this information in nine different languages. Since January 20, travelers have been able to access tourist information through these QR codes. Those barcodes are posted…

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QR codes are helping auto dealers to boost transparency

QR Codes auto dealership

Dealerships are beginning to use the barcodes to help to appeal to consumers seeking further information. Auto dealers are the latest to observe the potential that is offered by the number of consumers who are carrying smartphones, and how QR codes can appeal to those individuals by providing a larger amount of information about the vehicles being sold. This can help to improve transparency, which is vitally important in the current auto sales ecosystem. By using QR codes, dealers can offer more information about a vehicle’s features, options, price, colors…

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QR codes used by GM in Malibu rentals

chevrolet malibu QR codes

The auto manufacturer is placing the barcodes in certain fleets of Chevrolet rental vehicles. General Motors has revealed that it is now placing QR codes on the vehicles of certain rental fleets as a part of an overall marketing strategy to help consumers to learn more about these vehicles. The auto maker has not failed to notice the popularity and efficiency of the barcodes in marketing efforts. These QR codes have already been spotted in some of the Chevrolet Malibu rental cards that are being rented out through Enterprise. They…

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Survey shows QR code adoption slow amongst consumers

QR Code

Lab42, a market research firm, has released a new study regarding QR codes. The recent rise to fame QR codes have experience is largely due to the overwhelming number of people who own smart phones. Indeed, the codes have become quite popular for information and coupon distribution. According to the survey, however, the majority of consumers have no idea what a QR code is. Despite the fact that more companies are making use of the codes, they may not be the heralds of a marketing revolution they were once believed…

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Exploring the differences and similarities of the two

QR Codes vs. NFC mobie marketing

QR codes have started springing to life here in the U.S. as businesses and entrepreneurs alike have discovered their simple wonder as a marketing tool.  Meanwhile, mobile technology developers have all ready came out with another genius tool; the Near Field Communication (NFC) tags. QR codes and NFC devices are similar, yet very different.  Both, if used correctly, can help propel your business presence from the physical to the virtual world. QR codes are a small square box that looks similar to a 2D, pixilated barcode. They can be embedded…

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