Mobile ad success appears to depend on certain specific characteristics

Small Business Mobile ad success marketing

Celtra and On Device Research data shows that there are some features that make smartphone advertising work.

The best mobile ad success looks as though it is the result of certain common characteristics. This, according to a report from Celtra and On Device Research. The report detailed an analysis of the top 20 percent of mobile advertisements based on ad recall and intent to purchase.

The analysis compared a number of different characteristics of mobile ads to determine what works.

The report showed that among the top 20 percent of mobile advertisements, ad recall was 20 percent greater than in a control group. That said, the rest of the ads that were not in the top 20 percent and that were not in the control group saw an increase in recall by only 3 percent. Furthermore, the mobile ad success among the top 20 percent for intent to purchase was six times greater than in all the other advertisements.

This mobile ad success insight has arrived at a time when the global marketing industry is demanding higher standards.

Small Business Mobile ad success marketingMobile ads have developed a terrible reputation for being annoying to consumers. As a result, many mobile device owners have turned to ad blockers to stop from having to experience them at all. As a result, this has reduced the opportunity involved in advertising over mobile devices. By understanding the types of ads that are not annoying to consumers and that still bring results for marketers could become an important next step for the industry.

The Celtra and On Device Research analysis took into account the fact that 60 percent of banner ad clicks are done by accident and are not the result of user interest. Moreover, they have also kept in mind the fact that 71 percent of mobile device users say their experience is disrupted by mobile advertisements. Another 69 percent say that mobile advertising obscures the content they are trying to access.

For that reason, in order to be deemed a top performing ad by Celtra and On Device Research, marketers needed to meet at least six of the following mobile ad success criteria:

• Eye catching product images
• Engaging human presence
• Logo on every frame
• Branding at the top of the ad
• Careful use of dual branding, if any
• One solid clear message
• Attention grabbing video
• Humor
• Appropriate interactivity
• A strong call to action.

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