Twitter social media marketing isn’t earning enough for the company

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A new strategy is being developed that may involve the use of paid subscriptions on a premium Tweetdeck version.

As Twitter social media marketing simply isn’t generating the level of income the company had hoped for. It is considering the launch of a new paid subscription version of Tweetdeck. It is geared toward professionals and would provide them with an ad-free experience.

Twitter is looking into this and other potential revenue streams after its advertising has fallen short.

The Twitter social media marketing strategy simply isn’t bringing in the revenue the company needs. The dollars aren’t coming in and, on the whole, users aren’t all that wild about the ads in the first place. Paid subscriptions represent a new direction for the company to use resources it already has in place and to appeal to a market it feels is ready to spend for the convenience being offered.

The goal is to entice a growing number of people to sign up for the premium service and to continue using it over the long-term. The paid subscriptions would become applicable with Tweetdeck, which would provide a more advanced experience than the main interface and client. It would also be designed to provide “marketers, journalists, professionals, and others,” more insights into realtime hot happenings on Twitter.

These paid user would supplement the revenue lacking in Twitter social media marketing at the moment.

twitter social media marketingThose who pay to use the social media platform would obtain access to “alerts, trends and activity analysis, advanced analytics, and composing and posting tools all in one customizable dashboard.” This, to Twitter, is an experience that would appeal to professionals seeking to build and monitor their audiences while simultaneously eliminating social media advertising from the viewing and interaction experience.

This new concept is far from having been set in stone. That said, it is one strategy put forward by the management team at Twitter and that is being taken relatively seriously. The Twitter social media marketing revenue has become a worrisome problem. A new mock-up and survey has now been created or a premium version of the social network’s experience.

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