Mobile ad response depends on the weather at the time

weather mobile ad response

New research has shown that there’s a lot more to the success of smartphone advertising than design and message. Marketers need to take a great deal into account in order to gain a positive mobile ad response from their target market. That said, according to recent research, there may be certain factors involved in the way a consumer responds to advertising that are out of a marketer’s control. The weather appears to have a measurable impact on the way consumers view and react to an ad. The study showed that…

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Mobile ad success appears to depend on certain specific characteristics

Small Business Mobile ad success marketing

Celtra and On Device Research data shows that there are some features that make smartphone advertising work. The best mobile ad success looks as though it is the result of certain common characteristics. This, according to a report from Celtra and On Device Research. The report detailed an analysis of the top 20 percent of mobile advertisements based on ad recall and intent to purchase. The analysis compared a number of different characteristics of mobile ads to determine what works. The report showed that among the top 20 percent of…

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Preparing for 2012’s mobile marketing environment

Mobile commerce and the future

Every day there are more people who are adding themselves to the list of individuals who have smartphones, and these devices aren’t just meant for voice communication. Mobile data is now an important part of the smartphone industry and of peoples’ daily lives, from reading their newspapers to listening to music. Smartphones and tablets outsold PCs, laptops and netbooks in 2011, and this trend is expected to continue. The world is clearly becoming a mobile place. It’s up to retailers and marketers to keep up with the demands and expectations…

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Consistent growth of mobile advertising and marketing in Europe

Mobile Marketing Analytics

A new report issued by has shown that the market for mobile marketing and advertising will have reached nearly $37.5 billion by the year 2012, which would mean a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 15 percent. The skyrocketing popularity of smartphones and tablets worldwide are an important contributing factor to the solid growth of European mobile advertising and marketing, which is predicted to continue well beyond the forecast period that reaches 2020. It is believed that by then, the market worldwide for mobile advertising and marketing will have…

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Report shows that spending is stagnating for mobile advertising

Mobile Advertising

A Relevancy Group report has shown that businesses are currently hesitating to pour more money into a mobile advertising campaign. The research performed in order to create the report indicated that the low return on investment (ROI) and dwindling customer engagement are leading marketers and ecommerce solutions away from making larger and more continued investments into advertising through mobile commerce. Among the participants in the study, 43 percent claimed that they did not intend to boost their spending on mobile ads within the next year as a result of a…

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