M-commerce statistics have increased this year

mobile commerce trends

m-commerce trendsA recent survey has shown that while the channel is on the rise, there are still barriers to be faced.

The results of a recent study conducted by Stibo Systems in their 2013 Consumer Retail Survey have shown that the number of purchases made over m-commerce have increased by 19 percent within the last year.

Over the last year, purchases made over smartphones have increased considerably, says the study.

The research indicates that they increased from 40 percent to 59 percent within the 12 months prior to the study. At the same time, it did find that 17 percent of consumers feel turned off of making a purchase over m-commerce channels when they struggle to find information using their smartphone or tablet.

Screen size was also an issue identified about using m-commerce to shop and to buy.

Among the respondents, 48 percent said that small screens – such as those on smartphones – can make it very hard to read information that has been posted about a product. Another 46 percent said that they had concerns about the security of using their devices for this type of activity.

SEO Positive managing director, Ben Austin, has released a statement in which he responded to the data from this survey. He said that both mobile search and m-commerce are rapidly developing into a tremendous element of ecommerce as well as the retail industry overall.

Austin also said that “Thanks to ever evolving smartphones, purchasing on mobiles is becoming easier than ever and more and more consumers are turning to this route to purchase items because it is portable, quicker and they are never far from their phones. However, this research also highlights the need for the information on mobile sites to be clear and secure.”

Austin’s company, SEO Positive, was first created in 2007 and is located in Chelmsford, Essex. Its purpose is focused on online marketing services with a specific specialty in search engine optimization. This company, like many other marketers, is observing the trends toward m-commerce and is working to keep up with the latest efforts to improve a company or brand’s appeal to consumers who are now using smartphones and tablets on an increasing basis in order to make their purchasing decisions or actually to buy an item.

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