Facial Codes investigates the link between people and photography

Photo by Kamarule

Photo by Kamarule

QR codes and art are colliding once again, this time by the work of Singapore photographer Kamarule. The photographer has launched a new series called Facial Codes. The series aims to explore the relationship people have with 2D images. As an art form, photography has enjoyed a great deal of appreciation over the past several years. Photographs have become a large part of people’s lives and many use them to express their emotions. This relationship is often very complex, leading Kamarule to investigate the matter more thoroughly.

The Facial Codes series features several pictures of people. The faces of these people are covered by QR codes. When the codes are scanned with a smart phone or other mobile device, viewers will not see a picture of the person’s face; rather they will receive a message associated with that particular code. The messages are meant to show people that there is much more to photography than they may think.

Kamarule notes that there is a paradoxical irony inherent in technology. Technology is often considered a tool that can bridge the gaps that exist all around the world, allowing people to connect with one another and share experiences seamlessly. Kamarule posits that technology also creates a division and reduces familiarity amongst people and dilutes an individual’s own identity.

The Facial Codes series will take place in Singapore before Kamarule determines whether or not to bring it to other countries.

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