ManifestAR to showcase augmented reality art

augmented reality Manifest.AR

ManifestAR participates in 2012 ZERO1 Biennial event The 2012 ZERO1 Biennial event is currently underway in San Francisco, California, which has turned the entire city into a public art exhibition that cannot be seen with the naked eye. ZERO1 is a non-profit art organization that aims to combine artistic vision with technology and show off the result during its biennial event. This year, ZERO1 has tapped ManifestAR to show off how augmented reality can be used to produce works of art. The organization’s work can be seen throughout the city…

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Facial Codes investigates the link between people and photography

Photo by Kamarule

QR codes and art are colliding once again, this time by the work of Singapore photographer Kamarule. The photographer has launched a new series called Facial Codes. The series aims to explore the relationship people have with 2D images. As an art form, photography has enjoyed a great deal of appreciation over the past several years. Photographs have become a large part of people’s lives and many use them to express their emotions. This relationship is often very complex, leading Kamarule to investigate the matter more thoroughly. The Facial Codes…

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Photography and augmented reality combine to make immersive experience

Augmented Reality Art

As technology becomes more advanced, artists are looking to create experiences that encompass all the senses. For countless years, artists have relied solely on sight to reach their audience. With augmented reality, however, they can do much more with the work they create. Portuguese artist Nuno Serrao has launched a new photography exhibition he calls Project Paperclip. The exhibition aims to combine art with technology and present an experience that many people will find innovative. For anyone to get the full experience of Project Paperclip, they must first download an…

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QR codes start to show their artistic side – 3 in 1 code!

QR Code Art

With the increasing popularity of QR codes has come a great deal of experimentation with the various ways in which they can be used, and this has inspired designers and artists to present the barcodes in new and innovative ways. For example, artist and designer Frank Haase has drawn a great deal of attention to himself with his QR coded shoes prototype. They have been designed with a QR code carved right into their soles, so that when the wearer steps from a wet surface to a dry one, the…

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Augmented reality continues to send ripples of innovation through the world of art

augmented reality video

Blurring the lines between the physical and digital worlds is becoming an interest for artists. In an effort to break new artistic ground, many have turned to augmented reality, hoping that the technology will help them achieve their aim. Thus far, artists using augmented reality have seen a great deal of success. Artists Annica Cuppetelli and Cristobal Mendoza have been using the technology for some time and have recently launched a new project that aims to push the boundaries of what people know about art. The project is called Nervous…

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