ARART brings masterwork art to life

augmented reality app

  ARART brings new depth to acclaimed works of art Masterful works of art have always had a way of impacting people in a profound manner. Some of the most well-known painters, such as Vincent van Gogh and Leonardo da Vinci, have been able to inspire wonderment in people all over the world. Now, a new mobile application from three Japanese artists called ARART aims to bring these paintings to life in a very literal way. ARART uses augmented reality technology to turn acclaimed paintings into animated experiences. Japanese artists…

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Facial Codes investigates the link between people and photography

Photo by Kamarule

QR codes and art are colliding once again, this time by the work of Singapore photographer Kamarule. The photographer has launched a new series called Facial Codes. The series aims to explore the relationship people have with 2D images. As an art form, photography has enjoyed a great deal of appreciation over the past several years. Photographs have become a large part of people’s lives and many use them to express their emotions. This relationship is often very complex, leading Kamarule to investigate the matter more thoroughly. The Facial Codes…

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Tony Taj incorporates QR codes into his paintings to engage a wider audience

QR Code Art

QR codes are becoming increasingly popular in the world of art. Though most often used in marketing, the codes hold a great appeal to those looking to engage and audience on a more dynamic level. Artists, for instance, are beginning to use the codes to connect with their audience, opening up a new avenue of interaction. The Internet is one of the most valuable tools for artists today as artists can use it as a medium to expose their work to a much broader audience. Tony Taj, an artist and…

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