Demographics of Mobile Shoppers May Surprise You

Demographics of Mobile Shoppers

Mobile device usage is still rising and much of it is shopping. It isn’t just the typical user doing the surfing. A survey has shown that shoppers age 34 to 54 have increased over 140 percent in just over a year. Many people are realizing they can use their mobile device to comparison shop or look for better deals or product information.

More and more people are discovering the power of mobile. It isn’t just a phone anymore; it’s a tool. Shoppers are more informed and if they aren’t sure about a product; they can always look it up on their Smartphone and get the information they need.

Merchants need to realize the rise in mobile usage has created a new arena in marketing and shopping. It isn’t just about having a lower price or offering a discount. Online shoppers want information, and they want a no-hassle easy transaction. If a retailer can’t provide that; the customer will go to someone who can.

It isn’t just kids anymore. As the numbers showed earlier; the 30’s through 50’s age group are all shopping by mobile device. Another survey told the story; 48 percent of shoppers that are actually in the store, are surfing to comparison shop and get information about the product.

It is crucial that retailers understand that having a mobile friendly website or app is important to their business survival. Customers who have trouble navigating through a site or checking out, are likely to just void the transaction and go to another site that is easier to maneuver through.

Over 84 percent of online (mobile) shoppers said they had trouble with completing the transaction they were trying to make. Many of those shoppers abandoned the site and went to a different site to make the purchase.

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