Luxury brands use apps with mobile marketing to best appeal to wealthy American consumers

mobile commerce affluent

Study shows richest American consumers want mobile marketing apps from their favorite luxury brands. A study performed by a partnership between the Luxury Institute – an independent and objective organization based in New York City – and Plastic Mobile – an award winning agency for mobile marketing – has shown that the most affluent consumers in the united States prefer to connect with their favorite luxury brands by way of a smartphone app. The results of the study were released in a report entitled “Mobile Apps And Commerce for Luxury…

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Chevrolet runs Super Bowl television ads with complementary mobile campaign this year

Super bowl social media advertising marketing wearable technology

Chevy has announced the nature of its Super Bowl advertising this year, and it has revealed that its television commercials will be complemented by a mobile campaign once more. However, it has also stated that it will be broadening its mobile efforts by including an app that will provide users with the ability to use Twitter to interact with each other, play games, and to win prizes. Last year, the automobile manufacturer created mobile advertising using the social targeting service by OneRiot. This service functions by targeting segments of the…

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The future of QR codes lies with young, tech-minded consumers

QR Code mobile commerce emographics

Advertisers have taken to using QR codes to reach a broad audience. According to a new study from comScore, a digital business analysis firm, the codes may only be reaching a select few. A growing number of businesses have begun adopting the codes under the belief that they will be able to reach more consumers. While their efforts have, thus far, been met with success, comScore notes that the future of the codes rests with a very specific demographic. The report shows that the codes are most likely to reach…

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Demographics of Mobile Shoppers May Surprise You

Mobile device usage is still rising and much of it is shopping. It isn’t just the typical user doing the surfing. A survey has shown that shoppers age 34 to 54 have increased over 140 percent in just over a year. Many people are realizing they can use their mobile device to comparison shop or look for better deals or product information. More and more people are discovering the power of mobile. It isn’t just a phone anymore; it’s a tool. Shoppers are more informed and if they aren’t sure…

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