An ad campaign that will not drain your mighty wallet!

Might Wallets

Dynomighty Design, a company known for its innovative and whimsical products, has embarked on a new marketing campaign for the Might Wallet brand. The company is making use of QR codes as an inexpensive form of advertising. Traditionally, the costs of advertising have kept small companies away from TV spots. With QR codes becoming more popular, however, more companies are realizing how they can use mobile technology to offset the costs of ad space.

Terrence Kellerman, president and designer at Dynomighty Designs, had been searching for a way to get the word out about his new product without having to wrestle with a cumbersome marketing budget. Kellerman opted to take advantage of the rise in popularity of mobile devices as well as one of Google’s initiatives to help small companies obtain advertising space on TV.

By using Google TV’s auction platform, Kellerman was able to garner 30-seconds of ad time through the Dish Network and DirectTV. He then created a QR code that links to a mobile website through which viewers would be able to purchase a Mighty Wallet. The ads began airing during the Daily Show on October 16 of last year and reached more than 360,000 viewers nationwide. Kellerman says that he saw a rise in sales of nearly 400%.

The entire campaign cost just under $1,500. The only regret Kellerman has is that he did not use individual codes for each TV spot and was unable to track their performance. However, customers making purchases through Kellerman’s website were asked how they heard about the Mighty Wallet. 63% of shoppers reported that the TV ad was responsible.

Kellerman will continue to use QR codes in the future as a cost-effective form of advertising.

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