Constant Contact launches new marketing service that uses QR codes to help businesses connect with consumers

QR Code Service

QR Code Service

Constant Contact, an online marketing firm, has announced a new tool to help businesses and non-profit groups to connect with consumers. The company’s new tool, called Scan-to-Join, will allow businesses to create their own QR codes and attach them to sign-up forms. Using these forms, consumers can sign up for newsletters and other kinds of mailing lists that offer some kind of information. QR codes have been used in this way before by other companies to varying degrees of success.

By using QR codes, Constant Contact believes that businesses will be able to connect with consumers more easily. The company notes that the growing popularity of mobile devices has given companies a unique opportunity to capitalize on a change to the mindset of consumers. More people are becoming reliant of mobile technology and have been using QR codes at a higher frequency. Though many consumers are still unfamiliar with the codes, Constant Contact believes that QR codes will have a place in the future of marketing.

The QR codes made through Constant Contact’s new service will not have a singular purpose. Users of the service will be able to save the codes they have made for later use. They will be able to put the codes on anything, including business cards and various other printed materials.

The Scan-to-Join service was created by Constant Contact employees for the company’s annual Innovation Day, a yearly contest that tasks employees with bringing new concepts to life.

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