QR codes used in Florence for official business registrations

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These quick response codes allow companies to learn more about new documents and attain other information. Officials in Florence have now implemented QR codes that help to make it easier for businesses to be able to inform themselves about the latest forms of documents and other information that is relevant to their functioning and their compliance with the law. These quick response codes have been put into place to help companies to obtain clear information. Citizens and professionals, as well as businesses and even governments can now scan the QR…

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QR codes bring consumers directly to your business

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Quick response codes are expected to take off this year as they never have before. QR codes and other forms of two dimensional barcodes that are compatible with mobile devices (such as smartphone and tablets, among others) are expected to achieve broad scale use among consumers, this year, after having been consistently popular among brands and marketers for some time now. These quick response codes provide consumers with rapid and direct access to information, deals, and more. Consumers are looking for a better and faster way to gain access to…

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QR codes targeted by NSW for infringement notices

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The barcodes may be used in the future as an element that is included on penalty notifications. The New South Wales State Debt Recovery Office (NSW SDRO), the debt recovery office in the Australian State, is considering the implementation of QR codes on infringement notices that it issues, as the office works to provide customers with improved options for the creation of their penalty notifications. At the moment, the SDRO is on the market for a contractor that will be prepared to assist its customers. The contractor being sought will…

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Danone launches ambitious plan for QR codes

QR codes in the food industry

QR codes help marketing adapt to the mobile age Marketing has been of paramount importance to the world of businesses since time immemorial. While this fact is not likely to change in the foreseeable future, marketing itself has evolved to meet the changing interests of consumers. With the advent of mobile technology, marketing had to adapt to the growing number of people that became reliant on smartphones and tablets. Thus, QR codes rose to prominence and established themselves as a powerful tool in the field of mobile marketing. Today, many…

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QR codes should be a top business focus in mobile

QR codes in mobile commerce

These quick response barcodes and location based services (LBS) are considered vital in mobile commerce. According to the TNS Annual mobile Life Study has now been released and it has shown that businesses hoping to keep up with the latest in mobile commerce – and growth as a whole – should look to QR codes as well as LBS. This study was conducted by one of the largest custom market research firms in the world. What the study showed was that in the United Arab Emirates, an area where the…

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