Report shows mobile commerce trumps PC e-commerce

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Mobile commerce outshines PC

comScore, a leading market research firm, has released a new report that sheds some light on mobile shopping and consumer preferences. The report shows that mobile commerce is beginning to gain momentum among consumers. These consumers are beginning to favor shopping via their mobile devices over going to traditional stores. Moreover, more consumers are beginning to use their mobile devices for shopping than their PCs. The report from comScore suggests that as many as a third of all traffic to e-commerce sites is coming from mobile devices.

Consumers visit e-commerce sites with their mobile devices rather than their PCs

The report shows that in June of this year, approximately 91% of tablet users and 90% of smartphone users accessed e-commerce sites. Roughly 78% of consumers accessed such sites form the PCs. The report also shows that 35% of visitors to the most popular e-commerce sites in the world access these sites exclusively from mobile devices. Consumers are not just visiting these sites on their smartphones and tablets, of course, they are also buying products.

Mobile Commerce Apps on smartphoneTablets prove popular for mobile shopping

Tablets appear to be more popular among mobile consumers because of their large screens. These screens allow for better control, enhancing the shopping experience for consumers. Tablet users tend to spend more than others in terms of mobile commerce as well. Despite the popularity of tablets, the most significant factor that affects the shopping experience is whether a website is optimized for mobile use or not. Websites that are not optimized provide consumers with a poor experience and drive away mobile commerce sales.

Retailers grow more accommodating of mobile commerce

E-commerce sites from Barnes & Noble and Amazon are considered the most popular among consumers in terms of mobile commerce and books seem to be quite popular with the mobile crowd. eBay and Wal-Mart also account for a significant level of mobile traffic. Retailers are becoming more accommodating of mobile commerce, which is a trend that is encouraging more consumers to visit e-commerce sites with their mobile devices.

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