Report shows mobile commerce trumps PC e-commerce

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Mobile commerce outshines PC comScore, a leading market research firm, has released a new report that sheds some light on mobile shopping and consumer preferences. The report shows that mobile commerce is beginning to gain momentum among consumers. These consumers are beginning to favor shopping via their mobile devices over going to traditional stores. Moreover, more consumers are beginning to use their mobile devices for shopping than their PCs. The report from comScore suggests that as many as a third of all traffic to e-commerce sites is coming from mobile…

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Virtual stores powered by QR codes gaining steam

QR Code Gift Video

Virtual stores are getting more attention from the retail industry Retailers around the world are growing increasingly aware of the prospects of mobile commerce and how much they could potentially gain from engaging mobile consumers. These consumers are becoming more reliant on their mobile devices to shop and purchase products. Mobile consumers are finding that using their smart phones and tablets to shop is more convenient than traditional forms of commerce, and the retail industry is taking notice. QR codes may soon become the ideal way to reach out to…

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