M-commerce apps have second highest download growth rate

tablet m-commerce apps

Gaming applications have held onto the top spot, but shoppers are clearly showing their love of mobile. A recent StartApp report has shown that m-commerce apps are second only to gaming applications when it comes to download growth rate. Moreover, the report predicts that there remains a great deal of room for additional growth. This growth rate has particular potential in the areas of popular music, photo and entertainment apps. According to the StartApp data, gaming applications have been downloaded by 78 percent of global device users. Not far behind,…

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New leading mobile commerce marketplace for growth crowned

jakarta indonesia mobile commerce marketplace

The Better Than Cash Alliance conducted a study naming Indonesia as the leader in m-commerce. The Better Than Cash Alliance released the results of a study it conducted which determined that Indonesia is the fastest growing mobile commerce marketplace. This is an impressive feat for the Southeast Asian country’s population of 260 million. This led the authors of the report on the study to call the country a potential global tech business powerhouse. The study credited the rapidly growing mobile commerce marketplace in Indonesia to the country’s rising middle class.…

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Report predicts the explosive growth of mobile payments

Bank of America mobile payments

Bank of America report predicts that mobile payments market will grow 200 fold Bank of America has released a new report that predicts the explosive growth of the mobile commerce space. Over the next seven years, the bank predicts that the mobile commerce market will grow 200 fold. This growth is being powered by the aggressive adoption of mobile payments systems by retailers and the growing demand for such services coming from consumers. Mobile shopping is becoming more common and many retailers are beginning to focus on the mobile space…

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Mobile commerce market is growing quickly throughout the world

mobile commerce asia pacific

Report highlights the growth that the global mobile commerce market is experiencing A new report from yStats shows that mobile commerce is experiencing healthy growth throughout the world. The report notes that the global mobile commerce market has, in some cases, seen triple digit growth rates, which means that the market is beginning to overshadow the overall online retail market in terms of sales growth. Notably, however, desktop computers remain the favored way for consumers to shop online, but many are beginning to use their smartphones to shop for and…

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Mobile commerce solutions market set for exponential growth

tablet mobile commerce survey

Report highlights the growth of the mobile commerce market throughout the world Grand View Research has published a new report that shows that the global mobile commerce solution market will see exponential growth in the coming years. This growth is being attributed to accelerating smartphone adoption. As more consumers gain access to these devices, they are beginning to use them to shop in a more convenient fashion. This has lead to consumers seeking out efficient and enjoyable solutions that they can use to shop. Growing smartphone adoption provides momentum to…

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Global mobile commerce market is showing healthy signs of growth

NTT Docomo qr code japan

Cirteo report highlights the rise of mobile commerce throughout the world The mobile commerce market is growing quickly throughout the world. Globally, retailers are becoming more mobile-centric, taking note of growing smartphone penetration and the increasing demand for mobile services that allow consumers to shop from their devices. A new study from Criteo shows that the state of the global mobile commerce market is quite healthy, with mobile driving aggressive growth in the e-commerce space as well. Notably, mobile shopping is growing most in Asia, where smartphone penetration is accelerating.…

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New report shows that mobile commerce continues to experience strong growth

mobile shopping confidence trends

Report highlights that growing smartphone ownership is leading to more growth in the digital commerce space Transparency Market Research has released a new report concerning the mobile commerce market. The report highlights the fact that the mobile commerce space has experienced strong, continuous growth over the past several years. More consumers are beginning to shop for products online with their smartphones and tablets, and this practice is becoming a very powerful force in the retail industry. In the coming years, mobile shopping and payments will become more commonplace. People are…

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Report highlights trends in the mobile commerce field

Mobile Commerce Marketing Report

New report from yStats identifies trends in global mobile space Market research firm yStats has released a new report titled “Global M-Commerce 2014: Smartphones and Tablets.” The report sheds light on some of the new trends that are affecting the mobile shopping space. Notably, the report suggests that mobile shopping is having a major impact on the global retail industry. Mobile traffic to retail websites is on the rise and more retailers are beginning to feel the need to cater to an audience that is primarily mobile-centric. Tablets are beginning…

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Survey shows college students are uninterested in mobile payments

NFC Mobile commerce Payments students

College students may not be an ideal demographic for mobile commerce initiatives Balance Innovations has released the results of a new survey focused on college students. The survey was meant to determine the interest that these students had in mobile payments. Young people are typically targeted by mobile commerce initiatives because they are typically more tech-savvy and open to using their mobile devices for nearly everything in their daily lives. The survey found, however, that students may not be interested in mobile payments as much as would be believed. 42%…

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Mobile commerce market to reach new heights in 2019

online shopping cart mobile commerce

Mobile technology is playing a larger, more dominating role in society as a whole Mobile commerce continues to gain momentum throughout the world as society becomes more reliant on mobile technology. Consumers around the world are beginning to use their smartphones for nearly everything in their daily lives and new generations are coming up steeped in technology of all kinds. This is promising for the mobile commerce market as smartphones are having a sort of revolutionary effect on global economics as well as how people interact with one another and…

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Mobile commerce: Looking forward

mobile commerce technology online

The future is bright for mobile Mobile commerce has already managed to establish a strong following in only a few short years. People throughout the world have become enamored with the concept of using their mobile devices to purchase products online and at physical stores while also using these devices to manage their personal finances. Despite initial challenges, mobile commerce has become quite influential, and this influence may grow to new heights within the next five years. Mobile devices are becoming more heavily used than PCs. PC makers are beginning…

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