eBay augmented reality features to change shopping experience

Ebay augmented reality Mobile Commerce

The online marketplace has been undergoing a huge number of large changes over the last while. Among all the changes going on with the online marketplace, eBay augmented reality is one of the latest features headed to its m-commerce site. The news about its dabbling with AR comes at a time when it has nearly entirely severed itself from PayPal. The near full separation from PayPal was easily the most surprising change. However, word has now been revealed that suggests that there are a number of different consumer experience changes…

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eBay unveils new Apple Watch app

Apple Watch wearable technology

The online marketplace has also announced that it has updated its mobile application search function. eBay has recently announced its latest move into the mobile ecosystem, with the unveiling of a new Apple Watch app as well as a range of updates that will apply to its iOS and Android based smartphone and tablet applications. The new smartwatch app is designed to provide wearers with handy overviews of their account. In this way, the Apple Watch app is meant to provide the owners of this wearable technology with notifications, and…

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Mobile commerce is taking up a significant portion of the retail sector

Retail Mobile Commerce Experience Statistics

Report highlights the growing importance of mobile commerce within the retail industry A new report from comScore, a prominent market research firm, shows that mobile devices are beginning to replace conventional computers when it comes to shopping online. The report suggests that a growing number of consumers are beginning to abandon their personal computers when it comes to e-commerce, showing more favor for smartphones and tablets. The report suggests that 10% of Internet users in the United States now only access the Internet from their mobile devices. More shoppers are…

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Alibaba makes an investment in mobile technology

China Mobile payments technology commerce

Alibaba invests in Chinese mobile technology developer Meizu Alibaba, one of China’s largest e-commerce entities, will be investing $590 million into a Chinese smartphone developer, called Meizu. Through this investment, Alibaba aims to generate more support for its new mobile operating system, known as YunOS. The new operating system is meant to compete with Google’s Android. Alibaba is expected to leverage its considerable influence in the mobile and e-commerce space to make the new operating system popular, but its partnership with smartphone developers may determine the ultimate fate of YunOS.…

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Study highlights growth of digital and mobile commerce in India

india mobile commerce, standard qr code

E-commerce growth is accelerating at a rapid pace in India ASSOCHAM-PwC has released a new study that highlights the growth of mobile and e-commerce in India over the past year. The study suggests that 2014 may prove to be the year that e-commerce became a mainstream form among consumers, especially those of younger generations. Because of the success that the digital space has seen over the past year, retailers may find even greater opportunities in 2015, especially has they set their sights on mobile commerce. Study shows that 65 million…

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Mobile marketing at eBay has changed platforms

ebay mobile marketing

Google AdWords have been replaced by those from the Bing Ad platform for smartphone and tablet users. The massive online marketplace, eBay Inc. has made a massive move in its mobile marketing strategy by replacing the Google AdWords that it had previously been using, in favor of Bing Ads from Microsoft. Considering the size of eBay, this is a considerable loss for Google, and a tremendous gain for Microsoft. As is the case with many large online retail sits – both on the standard web and in mobile commerce channels…

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Mobile commerce helps boost revenue for Alibaba

mobile commerce future smarphone

Alibaba quarterly financial results show that investments in mobile commerce have boosted the company’s revenue Alibaba has posted the financial results of its first quarter as a publicly traded company. The company is looking to highlight its changing investment strategy, which is showing more favor for mobile commerce and mobile marketing. Alibaba has become a very powerful name in the mobile space, finding significant success in the e-commerce sector and offering mobile-centric services that have become quite popular among Chinese consumers. Net income drops 39%, but revenue surges by 54%…

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Russia is an emerging e-commerce market

Russia Mobile apps e-Commerce

Report highlights the potential of Russia as a major market for online retailers Russia may be the next place for an e-commerce boom. A new report from yStats shows that online sales in Russia are growing at a fast pace. Consumers throughout the country are beginning to shop more online than they have in the past few years and as consumers become more reliant on mobile technology, large retailers are beginning to take notice. In the coming years, Russia may become one of the world’s leading e-commerce markets. Russian digital…

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US is lagging behind in mobile commerce

financial money industry mobile commerce

Mobile payments are still quite new in the U.S. The United States is falling behind when it comes to mobile commerce. Over the past few weeks, the mobile world has been abuzz with favor for the new Apple Pay service. the service represents Apple’s first official step into the mobile commerce arena, but excitement concerning the new platform seems to be contained to within the U.S. Apple Pay is nothing new in Asia, where mobile commerce has been thriving for more than a decade. Mobile commerce has been thriving in…

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Retailers are unwilling to improve their mobile commerce infrastructure

ebay mobile commerce

Report from eBay shows that many retailers could miss out on opportunities during the holiday season As the holiday season approaches, retailers may have to put more effort into their mobile websites if they want to take advantage of mobile commerce. eBay has released its Enterprise 2014 Holiday Retail Audit, which highlights some of the problems that retailers are facing when it comes to mobile consumers. The report shows that many retailers are interested in engaging mobile consumers, but few of them will actually make the effort to do so…

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World Store mobile commerce platform hopes to compete with e-commerce giants

mobile commerce smartphone tablet business

GGIS unveils a new mobile commerce platform that it hopes will rival platforms from Amazon, eBay, and Alibaba GGIS, Inc., a developer focused on the mobile space, has announced that it will be launching a massive mobile commerce platform that aims to rival solutions from Amazon, eBay, and even Alibaba. The platform will be called World Store and GGIS notes that it is being designed for the “21st century,” targeting millennials as a primary demographic. Younger consumers are more likely to participate in mobile commerce because they are more comfortable…

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