QRDevices launches new service to help pet owners find their missing animals

QR Code Pet Tag

QR Code Pet Tag

QRDevices, a company specializing in QR code related services, has announced a new service that will let pet owners track down their missing pets with the help of social media. Dubbed QRPetLink, the service will allow pet owners to create their own QR codes and engrave these codes on collars or tags. The codes are linked to a Facebook group that is exclusive to people using the QRDevices service. Through this group, pet owners will be able to enlist the help of other pet owners in tracking down lost animals.

The codes can be used by anyone with a smart phone equipped with a barcode reading application. When the codes are scanned by someone, they will be able to post information to the Facebook group’s page. Pet owners will be able to connect with the people that have found missing animals in the hopes of returning the pet to its rightful home. The codes will remain active even after the pet is returned home in case it wanders off a second time.

QR codes are popular in marketing and have rarely been used for other purposes. Only recently have the codes truly begun to extend beyond advertisements. This is largely due to companies like QRDevices looking to offer a practical service. Given the inherent affordability of QR codes, these services are likely to become more popular with consumers, tech-savvy or otherwise.

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