Nokia unveils first NFC-enabled Bluetooth headset

NFC Bluetooth Headset

NFC Bluetooth Headset
Telecommunications companies are beginning to put major efforts behind promoting NFC technology. More companies, including A&T and Google, are pushing for a transition away from traditional commerce to that of mobile commerce powered by NFC-enabled smart phones. Nokia is one of the major investors in the technology, producing a wide variety of smart phones capable of making mobile transactions. While Nokia is hardly alone in their efforts, the company has a trick up its sleeve that may set it apart from its competitors.

This week, the company announced plans for the Nokia Luna, a new Bluetooth headset that is unlike any other. The device will be the first headset to include NFC technology and will be able to interface with other mobile devices that share NFC capability. Initially, the headset will perform as any other has – being able to answer calls – but Nokia plans to introduce more NFC features to the device through a series of updates. One of the more alluring traits of the device is its ability to communicate with other Bluetooth headsets.

NFC technology is poised to change the world of mobility in a number of ways. Telecommunications companies are keen of the potential of the technology and have been eager to make use of it in recent years. With mobile commerce – an industry that relies heavily on NFC technology – gaining more momentum, Nokia and its counterparts have big plans for the future.

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