Groupon Now promises to bigger and better!

Current Groupon Free App Example

Groupon introduces Groupon Now, the company’s innovative mobile app tool that is designed to change how the people eat, play and shop. The app will be released next month, which will be an addition to the various deals of Groupon wherein specific deals on time and location will be provided.

When the app is opened, there will be two options provided and these are “I’m hungry” and “I’m bored.” There is a wide range of choices available for each of the choices which depend on the user’s time and location. This provides an excellent opportunity for business owners to gain more customers, particularly for small and medium businesses.

Deals are offered for businesses that are slow in hopes to increase traffic as well as profit along with the management of resources. For customers, they are also on the winning edge since the deals are offered whenever and wherever they want it.

The new Groupon Now is looking to be a better deal for both customers and business owners, wherein both have much more control of the situations. Customers are able to secure great deals in local establishments, no matter what time of the day it is. For businesses, it is up to them to choose when they would like a deal to be available which enables them to pump up their profits.

Groupon also offers a cleaver free app for business owners called Groupon Merchants. An advertiser of a coupon can download this scanner app and view redemption history, enter amount of bill to keep track of consumer spending and register the coupon has been used…thus making them a “SUPER AWESOME MERCHANT”!

The founder and CEO of Groupon Andrew Mason says that Groupon Now is an everyday thing. It is similar to teeth whitening for business owners and that the tool is the one doing the brushing of teeth.

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