New X-ray mobile app allows users to see through clothing

MoosejawXray App

Ever since the X-ray was first discovered, many people – especially adolescent boys – have wished that they could integrate the technology into a pair of glasses that would allow them to see right through clothing. The new MoosejawXRAY mobile app has now been released and is allowing people to do just that – in its own way. The Moosejaw outerwear retailer has launched an augmented reality app that is compatible with Android, iPhone, and iPad devices an enables its users to use its winter catalog in a whole new…

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QR codes come to the world of racing thanks to Texas Motor Speedway

Texas Motor Speedway

Texas Motor Speedway, the company behind some of the greatest NASCAR races in history, will be adopting QR codes for next year’s racing season. The company will be using the codes in a number of marketing campaigns that are targeted at mobile consumers. Each campaign will be designed to be as interactive as possible, with QR codes playing a vital role in that regard. As more consumers begin to arm themselves with smart phones, QR codes are becoming a popular subject for companies looking to stay viable in the changing…

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Marketing campaigns dialed into green – Eco Friendly Gift Giving Trends

Green advertising

As the holiday season approaches, marketers are already aiming to spot opportunities that will help them to get the most out of the gift giving spirit. With the economy continuing to struggle, and as consumers maintain their interest in everything “social” and “green”, marketers are anticipating that they will be more innovative in the ways that they choose to give more but without spending as much money. This year’s research, performed by the Collective, which conducted a survey on consumers in the upper income bracket showed that they intend to…

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Realtor brings more innovation to the use of QR codes

Real Estate Mobile Marketing

Realtors were among the first to adopt QR codes when they began showing up in the U.S. The codes provided agents with an easy way to market to mobile consumers, allowing agents to have an uninterrupted presence with potential buyers. Embracing mobile marketing has proven to be a boon for the real estate business, as new marketing techniques have enabled agents to reach out to more consumers. As QR codes enter the mainstream, however, simply applying the codes to pamphlets and signage is not enough, spurring realtors to come up…

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Sony Music launches new QR code campaign in London

QR Code Campaign Sony

A new QR code campaign has come to the UK at the hands of Sony Music Entertainment. The big-name music company has launched a new campaign to promote new music coming from 11 of the most popular artists under the Columbia record label. The codes will appear in advertisements which will be placed in 100 of London’s famous black cabs. The music industry has been taking to using QR codes in recent times as it has become an effective and inexpensive way to market to key demographics. The advertisements inform…

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