4 Trends That Continue to Define Mobile App Advertising

mobile app marketing trends

Mobile users today have literally millions of apps available from which to choose. This means app marketers are facing a two-fold challenge: Make users aware of the existence of their app in a crowded marketplace and convey the unique value it can provide users before a competitor manages to do the same. Where there’s fierce competition, there’s innovation. The mobile app advertising industry is no exception here; savvy marketers are harnessing emerging technology to drive high-quality installs that lead to further engagement. Here are four trends that continue to define…

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Mobile app development is rarely financially successful

Mobile app development

Recent research from Gartner has shown that less than 001 percent of applications succeed in earnings. According to some of the latest mobile app development data from Gartner, less than 0.01 percent of consumer applications that are created and made available to smartphone and tablet users will actually be considered to be a financial success from now through the end of 2018. This is not promising information for application developers, but it does show the importance of best practices. Gartner also pointed out that approximately 90 percent of mobile app…

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BlackBerry apps are now being offered for free

Blackberry apps mobile

As of yesterday, and running until Christmas day, one application for BB10 platform users will be free per day. The struggling Canadian handset maker has now announced that from December 1 through 25, it will be offering BlackBerry apps for free, one each day, including some of its most popular names. The company that once led the smartphone marketplace is now scrambling to draw positive attention to its brand. According to a spokesperson from the company, these free BlackBerry apps are a way for the device manufacturer to begin “kicking…

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Top 5 Apps for Smart Drivers

Mobile App development

There are countless apps for drivers across multiple platforms, capable of finding the safest roads, tracking fuel use, or even getting you out of a traffic ticket. Below is a selection of five of the best car-related apps for drivers, hand-picked to help you get the most out of both your car and the open road: Trapster Trapster is a database of user-submitted notes about road hazards, speed traps and speed enforcement cameras. Trapster allows users to pinpoint the location of various hazards to rate the validity of noted locations.…

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Top 5 Apps to Find Restaurants

If you’re sick of going to the same old eateries or need a really romantic restaurant to spice up your next date night, look to your smartphone for help. There are hundreds of smartphone applications designed to help users pick the perfect places to nosh, but with so many to choose from, you might end up at a shady spot with health code violations rather than the pristine cafe you had envisioned. Steer you and your dining companions in the right direction when it comes to chowing down on a…

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5 Reasons We Pay for Mobile Apps When There Are Free Versions

m-commerce mobile apps

You probably have tons of mobile apps on your smartphone or tablet that you use on a regular basis. There are always more free apps available that you can download onto your device, yet we still find the need to pay for apps. There are several reasons why we pay for apps when we can get so many of them for free. Here are five reasons why we still pay for apps. Malware Let’s face it: We have no idea where some of the free apps come from. We may…

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Electronic invites get injected with high technology

Invitere App

Electronic invites were all the rage when the Internet was still young, but have fallen out of fashion as technology has evolved. Now, sending event invites to friends and family over the Internet has been streamlined by sites like Facebook, but iapps24, a mobile application developer, is looking to make electronic invites more innovative. The company has developed a new app for the iPhone, Android and Blackberry platforms that uses augmented reality to provide invitees detailed directions to the location of events. Events of any scale can be difficult to…

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iPhone app lets Amtrak customers purchase their tickets via mobile phone

Boston Amtrak Station

Amtrak has announced its introduction of a new iPhone app that will allow its passengers to more easily check the train schedules, plan their trips, buy train tickets, and change the reservations that they’ve already made. The purpose of the app is to provide faster and more convenient ways for travelers to plan their trips and make the necessary arrangements. They can now download the Amtrak app for free from the Apple App store in order to benefit from the many features connected to the Amtrak trains which operate in…

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Augmented reality takes virtual tourism to a new level

Augmented Reality Travel App

Many wish that they could travel more but are unable to do so for a variety of reasons. Augmented reality may hold the solution, as Tour Wrist, a mobile marketing company offering high-quality virtual tours, is eager to show with its latest mobile application. Virtual tours are quite popular in the real estate business. Indeed, Tour Wrist has worked in that industry for several years, providing highly detailed tours. The company’s app, bearing the same name as the company itself, will not be showing off tours of homes. Rather, smart…

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Canada uses QR codes around town to interact with tourist

Mobile marketing is a growing trend with many of the world’s businesses, most of them focusing on campaigns powered by QR codes. An increasing number of government agencies are following suit, as is the case with the National Capital Commission of Canada. The agency recently unveiled the use of QR codes in Ottawa as part of an initiative to education visitors of the city’s history. Ottawa’s Terry Fox Statue now features a rather large QR code, which links to a mobile website embedded with a video on the cultural value…

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Google gets into the social media game

It looks like Google is growing again. The internet giant is ready to expand its social and mobile presence to give big hitters like Facebook and Groupon a little competition. Google’s friend finder “Latitude,” got ‘check-in’ capabilities and perks. Additionally, Google ‘places’ enhanced its program to add hotpot; a place for users to recommend and share services and products they have personal experience with. Since Google was started in 1996, their mission statement hasn’t changed.  The company mission was, “to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and…

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