QR code campaign pays of big time for Ethical

QR Code Campaign Ethical Bean Coffee

Cafes are quite popular in Vancouver, British Columbia. So much so, that many café owners are desperately looking for ways they can stand out amongst the sea of competitors. The solution may be coming from the burgeoning mobile marketing field. QR codes are becoming popular not only for their prowess and versatility in marketing, but also because they are undeniably unique. The Ethical Bean Coffee Company, a three-store chain of cafes in Vancouver, has taken a liking to the codes for this very reason. Nearly eight months ago, the store…

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SMS marketing tactics taken to the next level

Social Photo Mobile Sharing

Research analysts say texting is a unique marketing avenue because of its wide reach and simplicity. Merchants should personalize marketed text messages, but also follow good practices and send a lot of what could be considered spam. Enlisting the help of a vendor would be best, due to laws regarding spam, but past that it is pretty straight forward. According to a wireless industry trade group, more than 3.5 billion texts are sent and received every day. More than 97 percent of text or SMS marketing messages are opened; of…

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Groupon Now promises to bigger and better!

Groupon introduces Groupon Now, the company’s innovative mobile app tool that is designed to change how the people eat, play and shop. The app will be released next month, which will be an addition to the various deals of Groupon wherein specific deals on time and location will be provided. When the app is opened, there will be two options provided and these are “I’m hungry” and “I’m bored.” There is a wide range of choices available for each of the choices which depend on the user’s time and location.…

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Everyone should have a little QR code in their daily diet

The food industry is making use of QR codes more these days. Pul Foods, a leading manufacturer of nutritious cereals and snacks, has announced that they will be partnering with Altimo, a software development firm that makes specialized landing pages for businesses. Pul Foods will be using the codes on their packaging and, using Altimo’s software, will construct landing pages that will offer product information and other digital content. Pul Foods will begin using the codes as part of the launch of their most recent snacks. Company CEO, Dr. Deepa…

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