Groupon announces new location-based sharing regulations

Groupon Mobile Commerce

Groupon sent out an email to announce its latest changes to its terms of use and privacy statement, bringing new information and understanding regarding the way in which it intends to obtain and use location data for leveraging mobile services.  The email explained that if the Groupon mobile app is used, then the user has automatically opted in for sharing data through his or her mobile device so that Groupon is permitted to obtain geo-location data from that device and apply it for “marketing deals to you (and for other…

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Groupon adds more to their group

Add another big name to the list of those making acquisitions of mobile based networks for Smartphone’s. Groupon joined the ranks by closing a deal to buy Pelago. Pelago is the developer of Whrrl, a location-based social network application. The Whrrl application for Smartphone’s was used with Android and Blackberry operating systems. It was a social networking program that let users search for social groups with similar interests and brand loyalties. Once the user joined a “society” they could exchange information, tips and opinions about products or services. The Whrrl…

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Groupon Now promises to bigger and better!

Groupon introduces Groupon Now, the company’s innovative mobile app tool that is designed to change how the people eat, play and shop. The app will be released next month, which will be an addition to the various deals of Groupon wherein specific deals on time and location will be provided. When the app is opened, there will be two options provided and these are “I’m hungry” and “I’m bored.” There is a wide range of choices available for each of the choices which depend on the user’s time and location.…

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