Well.ca launches Canada’s first QR code pop-up store in Toronto

Virtual Store

Virtual Store

Well.ca, an online retailer based in Canada, is set to bring virtual pop-up stores to North America this month. The company has announced that Canada will be home to North America’s first pop-up store, which will feature a wide line of products, each associated with their own QR code. The store will be located in downtown Toronto and will be open through the end of April. Consumers will be able to find a wide range of products at the store from brands like Tide, Crest and Head and Shoulders.

Pop-up stores are a relatively new concept made popular through the use of QR codes. The codes are attached to certain products sold through the store, allowing smart phone users to make mobile purchases. The stores themselves are often little more than a large display which features pictures of a variety of products but no physical item to be purchased. Well.ca believes that these stores are the next step in the evolution of online shopping.

Consumers wishing to make purchases from the pop-up store in Canada will need to download the Well.ca application. The app is available for all mobile platforms and will allow users to scan the QR codes associated with the store. Purchases can be made through the Well.ca website as well for those that are not inclined to scan QR codes. The website will continue offering this service until the end of April.

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