Something Massive acquires, claims title as first post-PC advertiser


Something Massive, a digital advertising agency, has announced the acquisition of, a creative communications firm with a knack for augmented reality.

Something Massive believes that the acquisition will make it stand out in the increasing crowded digital advertising business. The company is now billing itself as the “first post-PC advertising agency,” claiming that it is no longer bound to computers because of the advent of sophisticated mobile technology. As such, the firm will be focusing on creating digital content and marketing campaigns that can be viewed on just about any electronic device that has a screen.Mobile Commerce

Augmented reality will play a large role in this endeavor. has experience in augmented reality marketing, having crafted campaigns for Red Bull and Ben & Jerry’s. The company’s experience will help Something Massive further establish itself in the world of mobile marketing. The merger is likely to catch the attention of big companies that have been showing interest in augmented reality and interactive marketing.

Something Massive has a strong belief in augmented reality and its uses for consumer engagement and the technology’s ability to facilitate creativity. By merging with, Something Massive claims that it now has the ability to reach out to all mobile devices in new ways. The firm is likely to meet some degree of success due to the growing popularity surrounding augmented reality and mobile commerce technology as a whole.

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