Gravity Jack confirms augmented reality browsAR 3.0

Gravity Jack Augmented Reality

Gravity Jack prepares to launch browsAR 3.0 Gravity Jack, a developer of augmented reality technology, has announced that its browsAR application will be receiving a significant update this month. The company is geared for the launch of browsAR 3.0, which will bring new features to the platform and provide users with more control over augmented reality. The browsAR application is popular with companies interested in developing interactive marketing campaigns. The application allows these brands to develop digital content for these campaigns that can be accessed through a smart phone. Augmented…

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13th Labs introduces Pointcloud augmented reality application

Augmented reality- PointCloud

Application to make use of ambitious augmented reality system Swedish startup 13th Lab, a company focused on the development of computer vision products for mobile devices, has been causing a stir in the augmented reality community. The company has been attracting more attention for its development of a new kind of augmented reality service. The service makes use of technology that was partly developed by NASA scientists, which is meant to enable an iOS mobile device to understand its surroundings as though it were a sentient being. Pointcloud to allow…

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Junaio augmented reality browser receives a major update

augmented reality video1

Metaio aims to simplify Junaio app Augmented reality developer Metaio has announced an overhaul for its Junaio augmented reality browser application. Junaio has become a very popular application for those interested in augmented reality. The app is capable of bringing to life a wide array of digital experiences that are hidden in the real world. It can also be used for practical purposes, such as finding directions to local stores and similar information. As augmented reality becomes more popular, Metaio believes that the time has come to make its Junaio…

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Nokia unveils new augmented reality application called City Lens

Nokia City Lens Augmented Reality

New augmented reality app available for Lumia Windows Phones Nokia has launched a new mobile augmented reality application for its Windows Phone-based Lumia 710, 800, and 900. The company has developed the application to meet specific needs of consumers based on feedback that was provided to the Nokia Beta Labs. Augmented reality is quickly becoming a prominent part of the mobile technology world. Consumers have been exposed to augmented reality applications with more frequency recently and have shown a great deal of interest in the technology. This interest has encouraged…

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VTT Technical Research Center develops practical augmented reality application for construction

Augmented reality application for urban development Augmented reality is becoming more popular in the entertainment world, but the uses of the technology reach beyond this industry. Researchers at the VTT Technical Research Center in Finland have been working with the technology to put it to more practical uses. VTT has recently developed a new augmented reality system that is meant to be used in the field of construction and urban development. The practical uses of the technology are still not entirely known as the majority of developers are currently more…

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