Trumpia adds QR codes as a major new part of its mobile marketing offerings

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Leading Multi-Channel Marketing and Messaging solution provider, Trumpia, has announced that it will be adding quick response (QR) code functionality to its offerings on its all-in-one platform, which already includes mobile email, text, IM, voice broadcast, and social media.

It is Trumpia’s hope that this will help their clients to achieve faster and better response rates from their online advertising and marketing efforts.

Trumpia lets businesses and advertising agencies (both digital and traditional) create their own QR codes with a simple to use, self-service website. Marketers can use the generated QR code image to apply it to a number of different media, such as print ads, business cards, coupons, menus, billboards, television commercials, newsletters, and websites.

Customers with a smartphone enabled with a QR code reader – which is generally easy to download as an app – are then able to scan the code in order to be directed immediately to a mobile webpage, or to receive an SMS text message that contains a discount or other form of promotional offer.


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CEO Ken Rhie, co-founder of Trumpia, said that this makes it possible for companies to use the internet to offer consumers more intriguing opportunities that will appeal to them and stand out from the flood of other offers they see online every day.

He added that the QR code functionality offered by Trumpia shows how integrated mobile marketing can “turbo-charge” other forms of marketing programs – both traditional and online – by increasing “the old industry standard of 0.5 to 2 percent response rates, gained through direct mail, email, print, and even web advertising, to ten times that result”

According to Rhie, the addition of this functionality to the All-In-One Marketing and Messaging Trumpia platform, the company becomes extremely unique and compelling, for a highly favorable ROI.

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