QR code billboards aim to draw attention to anti-tobacco campaign

QR code - Stop smoking- Cigarettes

The #IndiaVsTobacco campaign was launched in Bangalore by Karnataka Health Minister Dr. K Sudhakar. A vibrant QR code is the crowning jewel of a new #IndiaVsTobacco billboard campaign launched in Bangalore with the goal of making the country tobacco-free. The quick response barcode makes it possible for people to scan the posters to inform themselves. The tobacco campaign’s QR code is printed visibly on all posters and billboards, which will be displayed throughout Bangalore to help boost interactive engagement with respect to the health impact of using tobacco products. Each…

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How to Use QR Codes on the Road

QR Code Billboard Helps Business

QR codes are a marketing technique used on everything from magazine pages to product labels to T-shirts. They’re a great – and simple – way to get consumers to engage with brands on mobile devices. These Quick Response Codes allow brands to link to digital content from a non-digital medium. All the consumer has to do is scan the code with their mobile device to be transported automatically. QR codes aren’t new – but brands are beginning to use them in new ways. To keep up with consumers everywhere, brands are turning…

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The importance of having a QR code scanning app on a mobile device

QR Codes

QR codes are appearing virtually everywhere, from television commercials to billboards and from newspaper adds to business cards, but without having the right reader app on a mobile phone, they are nothing more than an unusable series of dark and light squares. Newspapers and magazines are allowing advertisers to include QR codes so that readers can discover more information about promotions or about a featured product. Similarly, when placed in an article, readers can learn more information about a story, receive updated information about that topic, or can use a…

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Fox uses massive QR code campaign to promote its new movie “Chronicle”

QR Code on Billboard

Fox has used a QR code billboard promotion to reach the NFL playoff game audience in order to spread the word about the upcoming release of its found footage style horror film called “Chronicle” which will open on February 3. The production company is hoping to appeal to tech-savvy viewers watching the wildcard game between the Atlanta Falcons and the New York Giants, by airing a five second-long “billboard” clip of a QR code. Viewers who have smartphones and tablets and who have downloaded a QR code scanner app can…

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Gravity Jack combines QR codes with augmented reality to make some of the first QAR codes in the world

QAR Code Browser

As the world of mobile technology grows more advanced, many are beginning to question the usefulness of QR codes when augmented reality seems to be a more intuitive response for businesses looking to connect with tech-savvy consumers. Some claim that QR codes are dying off before they have really had a chance to shine, while others argue that the codes are just now beginning to hit their stride. The truth of the matter may lie somewhere in between, as QR codes and augmented reality pair well together. When the two…

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