Autonomy, makers of the popular Aurasma AR platform, report growth since the applications launch

Aurasma AR App

Aurasma AR App
Augmented reality is gaining traction all over the world. AR has captured the interest of businesses looking to embolden their presence in a world that is growing more integrated with technology. Autonomy, a technology company known for its innovative products, has been something of a pioneer in this field with their new AR platform Aurasma. Since its release back in May of this year, Aurasma has drawn the attention of several big-name companies, including Nokia.

Aurasma has garnered acclaim for its advanced use of augmented reality. In using the platform, companies can give their static material, whether it be print or virtual, life through augmented reality. The program proved so alluring that in the first weeks of its launch it had been downloaded more than one million times. This swarm of adoption has made Aurasma the most widespread AR application on the market.

The strong launch of the program also bodes well for Autonomy’s coffers. CEO Mike Lynch says that the company has experience a 16% growth in revenue since the launching of Aurasma. The company has also partnered with several high-profile businesses, such as the New York Times and the London Underground, to provide a number of AR-based solutions.

The demand for augmented reality is on the rise, it seems, as more mobile devices become available that are capable of handling the technology. Aurasma may have established itself as a leader in the AR market, but competition may be just around the corner.

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