M-commerce sales report shows high 2012 figures

United Kingdom mobile commerce

A report from a benchmarking company in the United Kingdom shows £7.5 billion in sales. According to the results of 2012 as reported by IMRG Capgenmini Quarterly Benchmarking, from the United Kingdom, m-commerce sales broke the £7.5 billion mark. To many, this has signaled the true beginning of the mainstream use of this channel by consumers. The internet trade organization reported that in 2012, m-commerce sales made up 12 percent of the overall online shopping revenue in the United Kingdom. This was a massive increase over 2011, when that same…

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Mcommerce satisfaction is best achieved by Amazon

Amazon mobile commerce

A recent survey showed that the online retailer has the best smartphone shopping and service model. The results of a customer satisfaction survey performed by ForeSee Results, a market research firm, Amazon is creating the mcommerce experience that produces the highest degree of customer satisfaction. The study included a survey of 6,200 mobile consumers over the holiday season of 2012. This survey looked into the customer satisfaction levels provided by 25 of the top mcommerce websites. It was Amazon that led the pack after having achieved a score of 85…

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M-commerce performance from J.C. Penney reaches top 10 levels

m-commerce top 10

Keynote believes that a few simple steps could propel its successes even further upward. Over the last few weeks, J.C. Penney has been moving upward on the Keynote Mobile Commerce Performance Index, but it made a considerable leap in m-commerce performance success during the week that ended on January 27. In that week, it brought itself up by a striking five positions, to reach the No. 10 position. Earlier this month, the company had been in 21st place, which helps to illustrate the difference that has been made by the…

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Mobile commerce study shows channel is gaining strength

m-commerce growth

Smartphone shopping is becoming more common and more popular. eMarketer has released their latest report, which has revealed the findings that include their mobile commerce predictions over the next few years based on the performances that have already been witnessed. Based on 2012 and the growth over 2011 the report has indicates that smartphone shopping will build strength. The mobile commerce world is now quite established and it is clearly on the rise, based on the statistics that were revealed in the report. Though the upward trend may initially have…

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