Mobile commerce embraced more slowly by U.S. than the world

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The global marketplace has adopted shopping over smartphones far faster than Americans. Market Probe International and Havas Worldwide have released the results of their most recent study which has indicated that the United States has fallen behind the rest of the world when it comes to the adoption of mobile commerce. Fewer than one in five online shoppers in the U.S. have used their devices for shopping purposes. The research indicated that only 16 percent of American online consumers have used mobile commerce to help them to shop. This is…

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Mobile commerce is becoming a huge opportunity in South Africa

Mobile Commerce opportunity

Companies are beginning to see this market as holding a considerable amount of potential. In the mobile commerce environment, growth has been seen around the world at a considerable rate, but there are certain areas in the world where it is believed to hold a great deal more potential than others. Among those high potential regions, South Africa has now been grouped with other leaders. While the majority of the mobile commerce data is focused on more mature markets, for example, the United States, there is a surprisingly small amount…

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Mobile commerce in China will pass the $27.1 billion mark next year

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This is expected to considerably surpass the totals that are generated by shoppers in the United States. China’s online shopping is taking off at a breakneck speed and this is transferring over to multiple channels, including mobile commerce, which will continue to reach record levels by 2014, says a recent study. The massive online shopping company, Alibaba, has released an infographic to demonstrate this success. The most recent estimations include a prediction that there will be 322 million online shoppers who will be spending approximately $285 billion in total next…

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Mobile commerce has consumer confidence like never before

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A recent report on current trends has shown that there is a considerable upswing among smartphone users. According to a quarterly report issued by BuzzCity, consumers now find mobile commerce to be more appealing than at any other point in the history of the channel. The report focused on the various trends currently impacting the worldwide smartphone advertising industry. According to the data in the report, consumer confidence is rapidly growing and previous smartphone payments security concerns appear to be shrinking. Today, those worries are at 3 percent, when compared…

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Mcommerce adoption slowed by checkout optimization issues


A WorldPay study has found that payment page optimization struggles are hurting the channel. One of the payment processing, alternative payments, and risk global leaders, WorldPay, has released the results of its mcommerce study, which has shown that when the checkout page and the screen size have not been properly optimized, it has the greatest impact on consumers. The willingness of a smartphone user to purchase goods is most greatly affected by those two issues. The research was held at the 2012 Internet Retailing Conference, which was located in London.…

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