Mobile commerce research shows 88 percent engagement

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Worldwide survey has shown a massive interest by consumers in smartphone content and shopping. A global consumer survey performed by the MEF in London has shown that 88 percent of smartphone media users are now engaging in mobile commerce and content. This is an increase over 2011, when the figure for engagement was 82 percent. This, according to the results of the annual survey, which have just been released. The research was performed in conjunction with On Device Research, and included the participation of respondents from among ten different countries.…

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Paytoo broadens its reach into a new continent

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Paytoo (Universal Mobile Services) and XY Prepago (Mobile Solutions) have come to an agreement that says that they will work together to offer telecommunication services sand mobile wallet from any cell phone in Ecuador or around the world. The ratification of this deal occurred in Miami by the G-Tel Group’s product innovation manager, Santiago Arroyo, by way of its XY Prepago business unit, and by the Paytoo CEO, Michael Poignant. The partnership between these two companies is designed to further both international telecommunications and mobile commerce as supported by a…

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In 2021, mobile purchases will break the $30.5 billion mark

Mobile Commerce

According to estimates by Barclays Corporate, by the year 2021, British consumers will be spending 19.3 billion pounds ($30.5 billion) through the use of their mobile phones as advancements with technology are made at an increasing rate and a growing number of people obtain smartphones. The current figure is an annual 1.3 billion pounds, which has been driven by new technologies such as faster transmission of mobile data and near field communication (NFC). Barclays Corporate, a Barclays Plc unit based in London, released a report saying that the largest category…

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