Paytoo broadens its reach into a new continent

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Paytoo (Universal Mobile Services) and XY Prepago (Mobile Solutions) have come to an agreement that says that they will work together to offer telecommunication services sand mobile wallet from any cell phone in Ecuador or around the world.

The ratification of this deal occurred in Miami by the G-Tel Group’s product innovation manager, Santiago Arroyo, by way of its XY Prepago business unit, and by the Paytoo CEO, Michael Poignant.

The partnership between these two companies is designed to further both international telecommunications and mobile commerce as supported by a platform that is integrated for virtual credit cards and prepaid debit cards in order to make it easier and more convenient for purchases and transactions to occur and to decrease the cost of making local and long distance calls from Ecuador.

Customers will benefit from this new arrangement as they will be able to make local and long distance calls, pay bills, transfer credits, make payments to retailers, withdraw money, and check their balance securely and in real time.

These companies have worked together in order to provide Ecuador with its very first universal mobile wallet solution which will combine an full telecom services suite, using an International GSM SIM card instead of a regular carrier card, so that customers will be able to place calls, send texts, and access their voicemails within more than 230 countries around the world.

At the same time, they will be able to save up to 80 percent on roaming fees. Moreover, users of Paytoo will be able to access the service for free through VoIP, and can make SMS callback calls.

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