Mobile commerce in China will pass the $27.1 billion mark next year

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mobile commerce ChinaThis is expected to considerably surpass the totals that are generated by shoppers in the United States.

China’s online shopping is taking off at a breakneck speed and this is transferring over to multiple channels, including mobile commerce, which will continue to reach record levels by 2014, says a recent study.

The massive online shopping company, Alibaba, has released an infographic to demonstrate this success.

The most recent estimations include a prediction that there will be 322 million online shoppers who will be spending approximately $285 billion in total next year. However, when it comes to mobile commerce, the sector will also be reaching another important milestone which was underlined by the infographic that Alibaba produced.

In fact, it said that China’s mobile commerce sector will break the $27.1 billion mark next year.

This will mean that China’s mobile commerce will be well beyond the figures that are being seen in the United States in this channel. Moreover, by the end of the year after that, the channel will be worth an estimated $41 billion in that country, alone.

At the moment, the spending over mobile commerce in China is considered to be much more modest than those predictions. Last year, the total sales was an estimated $7.8 billion in the country. That said, it was an explosive growth compared to the year before. At Alibaba, on its own, its top two performing sites (Taobao and Tmall) saw growth over that channel of an estimated 600 percent. About 6.87 percent of the total sales on those sites came from smartphones or tablets.

The inforgraphic also pointed out that there are certain specific events that cause mobile commerce numbers to soar. For example, during the 24 hour period of “Singles Day” in China, the numbers were tremendous. In fact, on that one day, the sales figures were far beyond what the United States took in over that channel on Cyber Monday. On just that one day, Tmall and Taobao shoppers spent $3 billion and of that amount, $193 million was spent over smartphones and tablets. This is the first time that this amount was spent over these devices in a single day.

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