Social media marketing success seen by insurance company in Thailand

Social Media Marketing Thai Life Insurance Company

Thai Life Insurance company has managed to warm our hearts and advertise worldwide.

The Thai Life Insurance company has brought a heartwarming new ad that has turned a social media marketing campaign geared toward southeast Asia into a viral video that has people sobbing in front of their computer screens around the world.

The “Unsung Hero” video from the company has been viewed by millions of people worldwide.

The videos that have been created for the social media marketing campaign have been designed to be touching and inspiring while promoting powerful emotional results. While this has been the goal of many ads – particularly in the East – this company has managed to do so in a way that has actually been effective. Now, other companies – including Google and TrueMove H (a Thai mobile company) – have started to create their own highly emotional advertisements.

This one social media marketing video has managed to rise above the rest in connecting with viewers.

The “Unsung Hero” ad shows an average looking young man as he goes about his daily routine and works random acts of kindness into the mix on a regular basis. He sets a dry plant under a water downspout, he gives up his bus seat to someone who is standing up, he donates money to a girl on the street who is trying to pay to go to school, he brings bananas to one of his elderly neighbors, and he helps a woman with a food cart to push it over a difficult raise in the sidewalk, among other things.

Throughout his days, people shake their heads at him, not able to understand why the young man would continue to give to strangers without receiving anything in return. However, just past halfway through the video, we start to see where his motivation lies. The emotional payoffs of his kind efforts are tremendous and are displayed in a way in which the viewer can share, and sob for the remainder of the video.

This social media marketing video was created by Ogilvy & Mather Bangkok. That company is well known for its tearjerkers throughout the southeast Asian marketplace.

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