PayPal to expand Partner Program in order to promote growth of mobile commerce

Paypal mobile payments

PayPal aims to bring new mobile solutions to the retail sector

E-commerce giant eBay has been working to partner with retailers in order to help them achieve omnichannel success. As the company begins to partner with retailers that have a physical presence, PayPal is looking to do the same. PayPal has announced that it is expanding its Partner Program in order to accommodate additional types of retailers. The expanded program will be launched during the summer and is expected to help retailers become more capable of handling the needs of mobile consumers.

PayPal seeks to partner with organizations producing innovative solutions

PayPal has plans to begin working more closely with point-of-sale solution providers, processing resellers, and system integrators. The company aims to partner with companies that specialize in bringing new innovation to the payment industry, especially when it comes to mobile commerce. Many retailers have struggled to embrace mobile commerce effectively, creating a division between them and a growing population that is beginning to purchase products from their mobile devices rather than visit physical stores. In-store solutions powered by PayPal may be able to help these retailers overcome this problem.

Coffee shops and restaurants expected to see more mobile activity in the coming years

Paypal mobile commerceWhile the expanded PayPal Partner Program would continue to focus on general retail, the program will also help support the introducing of mobile services to coffee shops and restaurants as well. Demand for mobile payments services in coffee shops has been on the rise for some time, inspired by the success that Starbucks has seen through embracing mobile commerce. Mobile payments represent a great deal of convenience for people visiting coffee shops and restaurants, and this convenience creates a more enjoyable experience when visiting such places.

PayPal and eBay have established a strong presence in the mobile space

PayPal has played a major role in the growth of mobile commerce over the past few years. Parent company eBay has leveraged the power of PayPal to establish a foothold in the mobile space as well. The two companies are considered major players in the mobile field, alongside Amazon and several others.

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