Social media marketing lessons abound from the Oscars selfie

social media marketing oscars 2014 selfie

The Samsung image of Ellen DeGeneres and other top movie celebrities has been seen by virtually everyone.

The number of shares, likes, and retweets of the selfie picture of Ellen DeGeneres and other celebrated movie stars was so great that you could practically hear the clicks the computer mouse and the taps of the touchscreens, and marketers are now hoping to learn vital lessons about this social media marketing success so that they can apply it to their own campaigns.

Samsung purchased five and a half minutes of Academy Awards airtime and made a serious mobile buzz.

The price tag might have been high, but it has clearly paid off for Samsung, which achieved one of the best social media marketing successes linked to a television event. All it took was one photo posted on Twitter, and the entire world was connected. It all began when Ellen DeGeneres took out a white Galaxy Note 3 in order to snap her own selfie, and suddenly 43 million viewers were watching the celebrity and the device, and were retweeting the image to everyone they knew.

When it comes to social media marketing, Samsung was clearly able to win its own Oscar.

social media marketing oscars 2014 selfieWithin a span of only two days, the picture managed to accumulate over 3 million retweets. This will help to make sure that this particular campaign will go down in history as one of the best strategies ever implemented, possibly next to the Super Bowl 2013 blackout campaign cleverly launched by Oreo at the last minute.

While Samsung has gained a massive amount of attention as a result of the picture, when it comes to actually discussing the creation of the image, they aren’t saying much. That said, an estimated $20 million was spent by the company on the broadcast, which probably included its ABC sponsorship deal as the official sponsor of the behind the scenes elements of the award show.

A deal with Twitter was also created in order to promote the movie star selfies from the backstage greenroom. At the same time, while this was a massive social media marketing achievement, Samsung claims that the picture was entirely unplanned, but that they were “delighted to see Ellen organically incorporate the device into the selfie moment that had everyone talking”.

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