Social media marketing campaigns for some cancers are designed to grab attention

canadian cancer society nutiquette social media marketing

Awareness is now being achieved through the use of much edgier and racier videos to ensure they’re seen. The Canadian Cancer Society has launched a new social media marketing campaign that it has designed to make a considerable splash in order to help to promote awareness of how to self check for breast and testicular cancers. The online video series has the amusing yet racy name of the Nutiquette campaign. Understanding that there is no shortage of videos online, the Canadian Cancer Society’s own social media marketing campaign would need…

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Social media marketing success seen by insurance company in Thailand

Social Media Marketing Thai Life Insurance Company

Thai Life Insurance company has managed to warm our hearts and advertise worldwide. The Thai Life Insurance company has brought a heartwarming new ad that has turned a social media marketing campaign geared toward southeast Asia into a viral video that has people sobbing in front of their computer screens around the world. The “Unsung Hero” video from the company has been viewed by millions of people worldwide. The videos that have been created for the social media marketing campaign have been designed to be touching and inspiring while promoting…

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