QR codes have very specific fans

Venmo QR Codes scans by men

The findings of a recent study have shown that some people are more likely to scan than others.

The results of new research conducted by comScore MobiLens and the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) have now been revealed and have provided some insight into who is most likely to scan QR codes.

What they discovered was that young males in the United Kingdom are the most frequent scanners.

While QR codes are being scanned quite commonly by the entire Millennial generation, when it came to the individuals who were scanning the most, it was the males in this group. This is important insight for building mobile marketing strategies and ensuring that every advertising dollar is stretched as far as it can possibly reach.

While some analysts have expressed concern that QR codes aren’t going to last, this data suggests otherwise.

QR Codes scans by menThe results from this study indicate that quick response codes are still being used by a notable portion of the population and that – when they are appropriate and have been used in the right way – people are still willing to scan them.

The research involved data based on the use of QRcodes by about three million British smartphone users. All of these individuals had scanned the 2D barcodes at some point. Among them, 63 percent were male and the other 37 percent were, of course, female.

Within the age group ranging from 25 to 24 years old were the individuals who had the greatest likelihood of scanning these barcodes. Next place went to the consumers in the age group of 18 to 24 years old. Those who had the lowest likelihood of scanning were in the age group of 45 to 54 years.

This study offered a notable amount of information about which demographics are the most important for mobile marketing firm targeting. It can be very helpful in the creation and overall design of an ad campaign, as this can help to ensure that it is relevant to those who are most likely to scan.

Moreover, this study also pointed out that among the majority of consumers, there appears to be a solid understanding of what QR codes are and how they can be used should they be interested in doing so.

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