QR codes offer tourists a high tech side to St. Petersburg

QR Codes in marketing

The use of quick response codes in St. Pete, Florida, is taking off at local historic buildings and attractions.

If there is one thing that can be said about the areas that are most frequently visited by tourists in St. Petersburg, Florida, nowadays, it is that QR codes have certainly left their mark on these locations, and it looks like they are multiplying.

They are most often seen on the doors of historic buildings and the entrances of local attractions.

Scanning these QR codes provides visitors to the area with an opportunity to be able to gain a great deal more information about the location that it represents. It can function as a virtual tour for the individual who is standing right there in front of the building or attraction. That way, with a simple scan using a smartphone, a tourist is able to know more about the spot so that they can decide if it’s something that they’d like to enter. It can also provide helpful information about the area and its history and can assist a tourist in knowing what else they may like that is local to where they are currently standing.

This type of use of QR codes is becoming increasingly popular in cities that are seeking to boost their tourist experience.

QR Codes in marketingBefore quick response codes could be found throughout a city or a town, the best way for visitors to an area to be able to find out more about a city was to pick up a map and a printed city guide and to try to explore the surroundings and glean what they could from what they saw and from limited signage.

St. Petersburg has now made changes to reduce those limitations through a program called “Scan St. Pete. It involved posting a QR code at a range of different locations throughout the city so that visitors could scan them. Moreover, once they’re done with that location, the barcode also provides the tourist with options with regards to the place that they would like to visit next. Once the next destination is selected, then the mobile device user is provided with directions that will take them there.

The QR codes are very easy to spot, as they are all located on the front doors of the participating locations.

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