QR codes offer virtual tour at Mid America Museum of Aviation & Transportation

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This use of quick response codes was accomplished through a partnership with Leadership Siouxland. A new virtual tour based on QR codes has now been developed by Leadership Siouxland in order to provide visitors to the Mid America Museum of Aviation and Transportation with a greatly enhanced experience that they can hold in the palm of their hands. The new digital tour was created to provide visitors with more insight into the various museum exhibits. The QR codes can be scanned by visitors to the museum at various points throughout…

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QR codes help tourists in New York to appreciate local history

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A newly created walking tour in Ogdensburg provides a wealth of information about historical sites. The city of Ogdensburg has joined a growing number of other locations that are using QR codes in a way that will help tourists to be able to get more out of what they have to offer and to learn more about the various historical sites than could ever be provided through physical signage. The use of the quick response codes is a complement to the new mobile app that has been released. The apps…

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Bidar tourists to use QR codes to discover local history

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The hilltop Indian city will be launching a considerable quick response code installation to promote tourism. The district administration of Bidar, India, has decided to use QR codes in addition to a range of other technology based tools in order to help to promote tourism within the area, said the district’s deputy commissioner, P.C. Jaffer. Jaffer spoke on the subject of the quick response codes after their inauguration ceremony in front of the Bidar Fort. The QR codes have been linked to relevant Wikipedia pages so that when smartphone using…

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QR codes implemented into Kerala Tourism strategy

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These quick response codes are meant to help it easier for travelers to conduct a search and find what they want. Kerala Tourism has now launched a new system based on QR codes that allows travelers to conduct fast and easy searches to find the destinations that they want and to learn information that is related to those locations. These quick response codes provide information that can be found on the official Kerala Tourism website. The feature has been rolled out in order to help to cater to smartphone users,…

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QR codes offer tourists a high tech side to St. Petersburg

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The use of quick response codes in St. Pete, Florida, is taking off at local historic buildings and attractions. If there is one thing that can be said about the areas that are most frequently visited by tourists in St. Petersburg, Florida, nowadays, it is that QR codes have certainly left their mark on these locations, and it looks like they are multiplying. They are most often seen on the doors of historic buildings and the entrances of local attractions. Scanning these QR codes provides visitors to the area with…

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