QR codes help craft beer brewer to offer recipes

qr codes beer tap

Bonfire Brewing has announced that it has been using creative labels with barcodes on its cans.

Bonfire Brewing, a creative craft beer label, has announced that it is using QR codes on its cans in order to share recipes that use its products with the customers who are buying it – or who are considering it in store.

This company has used its labels in the past in order to help to draw craft beer drinkers to its brand.

Now it has chosen to add QR codes to its cans in order to provide a great deal more information and features than would be available on the limited space of a beer can label. According to Andy Jessen, a co-founder and co-owner of the brewery, this aligns very well with the strategy that they have had in place over the last couple of years.

qr codes beer tap The QR codes provide customers with scaled down version of videos and craft beer recipes.

This craft brewery has an average of a new beer available on tap every couple of weeks, said Jessen, and since it opened in the autumn of 2010, it is estimated that they have brewed 150 different beers. He also pointed out that every fiscal quarter, the company puts out six new designs for its beer cans.


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Label design variations are among the most important methods that the company has for drawing customers of craft beers who have more discerning eyes. Many drinkers of these products look for distinct packaging on the bottles and cans of craft beers in order to make their choices. The strategy is to engage these customers through the use of QR codes, which will provide them with a broader range of options for interaction.

Jessen explained their decision to add QR codes by saying that “That’s where the craft consumer heads in the store,” adding that “They want something different every time.” That said, the company has yet to show whether or not the barcode will draw viewers more than the more traditional form of labeling. All that the users require is a free reader app on their smartphones and they can access all of the digital features.

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