Are retail QR codes reducing transparency?

retail 3d QR codes

A new Senate bill has brought a number of unnerving questions to light regarding quick response codes. A new Senate bill has been looking into manufacturer and retail QR codes and the way they’re used. The bill will help to determine how specific or vague information can be when a barcode is present. Many have expressed concerns that quick response codes could be used to shrink transparency, not boost it. The Senate bill has raised a number of questions that opponents have found to be rather frightening. It will help…

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QR codes now printed on Red Bull products

Red bull flugtag qr codes

The popular energy drink brand is trying a new form of mobile marketing in international markets. Red Bull has announced that it has started printing QR codes on some of its product packages as a part of a new trial of the mobile marketing technique within a number of international markets. It has attempted to use the black and white mobile barcodes in a way that is interesting and unique. Among the versions of the QR codes that are attracting the most attention is the limited edition 4 Pack of…

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QR codes help craft beer brewer to offer recipes

qr codes beer tap

Bonfire Brewing has announced that it has been using creative labels with barcodes on its cans. Bonfire Brewing, a creative craft beer label, has announced that it is using QR codes on its cans in order to share recipes that use its products with the customers who are buying it – or who are considering it in store. This company has used its labels in the past in order to help to draw craft beer drinkers to its brand. Now it has chosen to add QR codes to its cans…

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