QR codes hidden under bottle caps reveal much more information

QR codes bottle cap

A North American company is now tucking the barcodes under the lids of its bottles.

Crown Closures North America is grabbing hold of the mobile marketing potential offered by QR codes by printing the barcodes under each of their bottle caps in order to be able to provide a swath of information to consumers from a very limited space.

The effort aligns well with the results of recent studies that have indicated that more consumers are scanning.

A recent survey conducted by Pitney Bowes, for example, reported that in the United States, the usage of QR codes increased by 19 percent in 2012. This is a notable figure on its own, but when compared to the 5 percent usage from the year before, it more accurately reveals the significance of the size of this growth.

QR codes bottle capThis research helps to make it quite clear that the use of QR codes has now gone mainstream.

At the same time, there is a great deal of untapped opportunity as many companies have yet to use QR codes for enhancing the interaction that they have with their customers. Crown Closures North America is now assisting brands in working the barcodes into their product packaging, effectively turning the tiny spaces under a bottle cap into something the size of a billboard.

According to the Crown Closures North America director of marketing, Sheila Heath, “QR codes are traditionally found on labels and product packaging, but they can also be placed on the interior of a metal closure used on food and beverage applications thanks to FDA-approved inks and printing technologies.” Heath went on to say that “Brands now benefit from an additional platform to engage consumers without having to alter the external visual design of the package, which often has brand equity of its own.”

In this light, QR codes are appearing on a growing number of product packages to allow consumers to obtain additional information about the specific product or about the brand as a whole. Crown has always worked with its clients to plan and print various types of designs to be printed under bottle caps in order to encourage consumers to take certain types of actions. These barcodes can be very effective in this, as they can provide a direct link to a broad range of different information sources, including video, recipes, web content optimized for mobile, and even social media sites.

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