QR codes for restaurant food allergy information are a hit

QR Codes on Cereal

QR Codes on Cereal

Quick response codes are proving to be very appealing to patrons with allergies.

Last month, MADgreens announced that it would be using QR codes through a Gipsee Inc. service to help to provide its customers with better information regarding food allergens that may be located in the products they sell.

Since that time, the program has become exceptionally popular.

The food selection at MADgreens now provides detailed information regarding allergy data for smartphone using customers to view by scanning the associated QR codes with their mobile devices. This is a highly practical new angle for mobile commerce, as it allows consumers to inform themselves not only about the product features, but also about specific data associated with their own personal safety.

Scanning the QR codes now provides consumers with an effective way to inform themselves.

For example, a scan can now bring up all of the allergen information and ingredients in the foods at the MADgreens restaurants. This way, more informed decisions can be made regarding restrictions and allergies that they may have.

As food allergies are becoming increasingly common, this type of resource is more valuable than it has ever been before. Though it was, at one time, quite rare for a customer to request information regarding the ingredients in certain foods in order to avoid consuming a substance to which they were allergic, nowadays, this is a very common practice.

This, and the rapid penetration of smartphones have both become highly evident through the number of times the QR codes are being scanned at the MADgreens restaurants. It is clear that this practice has made it much easier for many people to dine out even if they have certain food allergies. Now they can know which menu items will be safe for their consumption, and which ones will be best avoided.

Though the allergen information has always been available at the restaurant chain, patrons previously had to ask a server. Now, all they need to do is scan the QR codes associated with the various food items and they can find out what they contain and whether or not they are safe for them to eat.

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