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Mobile Commerce

Report details the growing popularity of mobile shopping

A new report from Nielsen, a global marketing and advertising research companies, shows that the popularity of mobile commerce continues to skyrocket. Mobile shopping, in particular, proves to be one of the most widely trafficked sectors of mobile commerce and major brands have emerged as the dominant force in the market. Mobile commerce is often thought of in terms of how NFC technology could be used to make payments with smart phones, but the industry is not limited to mobile devices as a payment platform. The report shows that mobile commerce has a wider range of implications and can include anything from mobile shopping via the Internet to making purchases for physical items with a mobile device.

eBay and Amazon are dominating the mobile shopping space

According to the Nielsen report, 47% of all smart phone owners in the U.S. made use of mobile shopping applications in June 2012. Of those, 45 million consumers accessed these mobile shopping applications an average of 17 times a month. eBay and Amazon mobile shopping apps were the most popular, with 13 million and 12 million unique users respectively. Consumers spent an average of one hour and four minutes on eBay’s mobile application, while they spent a scant 18 minutes on Amazon’s, according to Nielsen.


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Groupon and LivingSocial beginning to hold more influence over consumers

Daily deal services, such as Groupon and LivingSocial, have been having a strong impact on mobile shopping. Both of these particular brands have seen more than 10 million consumers each make use of their mobile shopping applications in June of this year. Consumers believe that the services these brands provide are valuable to them in their shopping habits and help them find the items they are interested in at an affordable price.

Consumers beginning to rely more on mobile shopping applications in-store

The report has also drawn attention to the number of consumers who are using mobile devices to enhance their in-store experience. The report suggests that retailers are finding that consumers are more apt to use their smart phones while shopping than rely solely on the information made available to them through static materials. The report shows that this has had a major impact on the growth of mobile shopping applications in general.


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